ISH Internship


Overview of the Teen Think Tank (T3)

ish’s Teen Think Tank (T3) Research & Design Internship is an opportunity for teens to design and implement strategies to make Cincinnati a more inclusive and engaging place to be a Jewish teen. Select teens will work with ish’s professional team to build, grow, and learn, together. You’ll have some serious responsibilities as a member of this cohort, which is why we’ll be paying you for your time, talent, and skills. You'll be paid $12.50 an hour for up to 4 hours/week. 

This isn’t some boring focus group or survey, YOU will be designing and implementing the research that makes the next decade of teen programming a success. That means ish is investing in you, and empowering you to make an impact in the community for years to come. 

What exactly will you do? 

Working with our team, you’ll have a hand in every part of the research and design process as we shape the new Cincinnati Jewish Teen Initiative. That could include reviewing research questions, conducting and participating in Group Level Assessments, innovating new data collection techniques, developing inclusive recruitment strategies, and even designing new teen programs. This work is real, and will stick around even after your time as part of the program.

Where will our internship take place?

Virtual - Begin virtual on Zoom. Zoom link will be provided.

If meeting in person, interns will meet at The Garage at 4089 Langland Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45223. This space was 100% designed by teen interns in our first Teen Think Tank pilot. YOU will take The Garage to the next level with your creativity, innovation, and chutzpah!

Participation in Meetings

Interns will participate in all Internship activities to the best of their ability. Find applicable programming dates in the “Calendar of Meetings” section of this agreement. Should an Intern need to miss a scheduled meeting, they should contact AlliJo Lester 812-340-3050 at least 24 hours in advance of the start time of the meeting. 

Should emergencies arise, an Intern should make every effort to contact AlliJo or another member of the ish professional team, as soon as possible.

Researching & Designing

The Teen Think Tank (T3): Research & Design Internship is built on a foundation of strengthening community engagement, participation, and creative programming in the Cincinnati region. Interns are responsible for engaging the community through their research and design. 

Non-partisan Programming

If an Intern designs a program, programs should be a non-partisan celebration of arts and cultural heritage, in accordance with ish’s ideals. Through associated programs, ish aims to celebrate the diversity and differences of many identities, beliefs, cultural heritages and experiences. While ish is a non-partisan organization, we invite artists to express diverse viewpoints and beliefs through their work. While ish’s programs and experiences tend to steer clear of politics in general, we use our Jewish values to respond to real, moral issues in the world around us. In accordance with ish’s 501(c)3 tax exemption status, no substantial part of the activities shall be the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting, to influence legislation.The Program shall not participate in, nor intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. 

Program Evaluation & Measuring Impact

Ish will work with Interns to identify areas for impact measurement and associated tools to support the research and design of projects. ish may request that Interns capture information through surveys or interviews. 


Ish agrees to pay Interns $12.50 per hour for up to 4 hours of work a week (six weeks total). Intern will not receive for time missed. 

Interns will be responsible for signing in and out Tuesday-Thursday, recording their paid worked times and studio times. 

Payment will be dispersed by bi-monthly checks or Venmo (depending on preference). Intern will communicate with ish on preference for dispersing funding. If Intern does not have a bank account, ish will disperse funds to their parent/caregiver.


Interns (and Parents/Caregivers) are expected to check email regularly for updates regarding Internship. Interns are expected to communicate with ish team members their needs and concerns either in person or digitally (e.g., email or phone), including time off and any feedback to improve the internship experience.

If 16 or older, or otherwise granted permission by parent/caregiver, Intern may opt into using ish’s Discord communication channel (similar to communication and project management platform, Slack) to discuss projects. If Intern opts into using Discord, an ish team member will text the Discord join code to Intern. Intern will need to download Discord app on device to communicate with other Interns and ish team members. Discord is not required for the internship. ish is not responsible for any unanticipated harm resulting from using Discord.

Interns are expected to be respectful and caring to Interns and ish team members while using the Discord server. Interns and ish team will refrain from using inappropriate language while using the platform.

For more information about Discord’s safety policy, please go to: 

Calendar of Meetings

Interns are required to attend research meetings with the exception of Studio Hours. Studio Hoursare optional open hours to work on any projects both personal and related to your internship.

All dates are in the Calendar year 2023 and subject to change with appropriate communication from the ish professional team. 

T3: Research & Design Internship

Tuesday & Thursday  

4-6 PM



















Spring Break





Passover Break







Food & Drink

Interns are welcomed to bring in outside food and drink. Intern will communicate all diet and food restrictions to an ish team member and other Interns.

Ish will provide snacks and drinks. Ish is not responsible for any allergic reactions that may occur from eating and/or food provided.

Ish will on occasion invite Interns to walk to a nearby location for food and drinks (e.g., walk to Dojo Gelato for ice cream, Sidewinder for iced drinks). Interns will be accompanied by an ish team member at all times.


All Internship events, programs, and cohort meetings will be in-person and will strictly adhere to public health guidelines in the City of Cincinnati, the State of Ohio and the United States. Interns agree to not hold ish liable for any exposure or contraction of COVID-19 by Interns or participants. As in accordance with health guidelines, masks (as of now) are not for fully vaccinated persons, subject to change depending on updates to health guidelines.