12th Grade Classes

Shelanu has designed first bell classes for each grade cohort. These carefully designed selections serve as the required class for first bell for all students. Students will be automatically placed in their respective first bell class – there is no need to register for these.

Seniors First Bell

Homemade Jam: Sounds, Stories and tastes from Israel.
Dr. Caroline Winstel McLeod
Immerse your senses in Israeli culture. Taste the foods, sing the music, and hear the stories of cultural importance to Israel. Adapted from the iCenter for Israel Education. 9th & 10th graders will have the option to take this class second bell.

Seniors Second Bell

Modern Israeli Culture
Chaverim M'Israel
In this second semester course, students will continue to explore Modern Israel with the Chaverim M'Israel. Learn about spring holidays as they're celebrated in Israel, and engage with Israeli game shows, modern artists, and technology. This hands-on course will be active and engaging for all. This class is open to students in all grades.

Israel: Crucial Conversations
Rabbi Moshe Smolkin
In this class, we will engage in crucial conversations about Israel. We will explore multiple perspectives, enhancing our understanding of and deepening our engagement with Israel based on the stories of Robbie Gringas and Abi Dauber Sterne. We will look at issues from the (seemingly) mundane to the emotionally charged. This class is focused on the contemporary State of Israel – both prior to the events of October 7 through the ongoing reality of today. This is a conversation-based course, designed for students serious about deepening their understanding of the historical and modern challenges of Israel. Students should be prepared for meaningful conversations, respectful disagreement, and compassionate facilitation.

Moot Beit Din
Lowell Lustig
This is a continuation of the first semester Moot Beit Din course.

Registration is now closed. Please join on Sunday for class registration and assignments.